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General Winterizing Tips

Winterizing or preparing for the winter would help preserve your property and even save some energy or fuel. For example, if you are selling your home then you would need to winterize it. Winterizing your home will protect your investment and at the same time keep everything it good condition.

When winterizing your home you could get a professional to do it. There would be instances when you will be needing a plumber, an electrician or a contractor. But there could also be instances when you could do your own winterizing.

During winter, homeowners would often experience pipes freezing and bursting. To prevent pipes from freezing, faucets are often left to drip away the excess water. However, this may be expensive on the long run. A simple pipe insulation will do the work. All you have to do is surround your pipes with this insulation. This is ideal for outdoor pipes and faucets, and those located under your house.

Weather stripping which is fit around doors could also help in sealing your doorway to prevent cold air from seeping it and heated air going out. If storm windows is too expensive for you, then you could use window insulation kit which is more affordable. You could even use this with a storm window for additional insulation.

Vents and ducts would also need some inspection and at the same time some conditioning. Heated air gets lost with misaligned air ducts. You could easily repair it yourself if the misalignment is just minimal. However, if the damage is extensive then you would need to have an air conditioning expert to check the duct work for you.

Most would think that winterizing would just involve water systems and plumbing. Actually, it would even involve roof and gutter cleaning. If a home would be left for a long time during winter or up for sale, then having the roof inspected before winter is important. Cleaning the gutters and the roof would prevent too much ice forming in them resulting to serious damage on the long run.

Aside from making sure that heated air would not escape, you do all of these to watch that energy bill. Before you experience the coldest climate, you may need to make all the necessary repairs. Buying equipment early could actually allow you to buy the items in a lower price. When a lot of people are buying these things you will need at home for the winterization process, there is a tendency to see an increase in price.

If you will be leaving your home for a long time or left vacant because you are selling it, then you would need somebody to check on it, once in a while. Even if the place has been winterized, it is still important to have somebody check on any damages. Some realtors would often visit check houses every week or two during winter.

Even if you will only be going away for a few weeks time, it would still mean a lot to get somebody to baby-sit your home. You could ask them to do daily visits, even give them permission to call on repairs in case of emergency and provide information about service companies that could be called in case the need arises. Remember that winterizing is not an assurance that nothing will happen to your home or property over the winter, but it would protect your property from being completely unusable after the cold climate.


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