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Winterizing Yourself

Your pool, vehicle, home and even your garden is prepared for the winter. However, it is not just property that needs some winterizing. You would also need to prepare your body for the cold climate ahead of you. You would need to keep yourself warm and at the same time check your overall health.

You start by making sure that your home is insulated and warm. There are insulation covers which can be used to cover pipes. Windows, cracks, and even doors should be covered properly to make sure that there are no cold air seeping inside your home. Keeping your home warm would need a steady supply of heat. Even before winter comes, make sure that the heater or the furnace is repaired and checked. You do not want your central supply of heater breaking down in the middle of harsh, cold weather.

Make yourself warm with warm clothes. Make sure that you and your family are completely covered when going out. Eating hot meals would also help your body warm. Be sure to cover up every night. Sometimes, you may need an extra sheet, then donít think too much about the laundry. Make sure that you and your children are properly covered every night.

During winter, having colds is not new. Actually, the American Lung Association said that in their studies, American adults would suffer from colds two or four times a year. This would normally happen between September to May. Aside from colds, you are also susceptible to flu or influenza. To keep your body healthy through the winter, it is important to strengthen your immune system. You could do that by taking vitamin C and selenium for additional support for immune system .

Since people would normally spend their indoors more of the time, the spread of germs could be faster during winter. When you have colds or flu, or any viral disease, then it may be better to avoid being in contact with other people. Make sure that you have extra towels in the bathroom, one for those who have been infected with the virus and one for those who are not. You could get vitamin C from fruits and juices. But since winter would also mean high prices of fresh fruit, then taking vitamin C tablets is essential.

In addition to flu and colds, gastroenteritis is also a common sickness. This is a case when there is inflammation in the stomach lining because of a virus, bacteria or a parasite.

Aside from sicknesses and illnesses, you can also be prone to dry hands, rough elbows, and chapped lips. There are effective measures how you can prevent or resolve these problems. For example, during winter, the hands are more prone to dehydrating. You could start by using gloves when outdoors and even when doing the dishes. Moisturize after washing your hands.

For lips, there are lip balms which can be used to moisten chapped lips, chapped lips could be painful, there can be instances when lips that are chapped would actually become bloodied because of the cracks. There are also body moisturizers which can be used to keep the body moist.

So at the end of the day, your house, vehicle and property is winterized. But never forget yourself. What is good about winterizing your property when you are not even feeling well and comfortable during winter.


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